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Bought a dining set on 5/9/16. In July, part of the expandable leaf broke. I bought the extended warranty, so I filed my claim. On 7/22, the repair guy came out and said he had to order a part. Today is 10/20. I have received a run around from The Dump. They say they have to order a part from overseas and nobody knows when it will be in. They can't tell me when my table will be fixed. I told them if they can't fix it they need to deliver a new... Read more

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Customer service is ridiculously bad. Josh, the manager, is the only employee who seems to understand what "repeat customers" means. I was promised. Often Advertising items not in inventory, promising delivery times that are misleading and overselling items is common practice it seems. Waited a month for an advertisement item, then had 2 ask for delivery waiver because multiple deliveries were required at their Read more

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We bought a bed and were delivered the incorrect one. Some details: The delivery team and the warehouse manager were hasty and unprofessional during the delivery process, pressuring us to accept the bed with promises of fixing the height. Since delivery (over three weeks ago), we've been shuffled from manager to sales rep, to floor manager, back to sales rep in my attempt to resolve this problem. I visited the store yesterday and received a... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Sep 06
  • #913884

I made an appt for a couch repair estimate, the dump customer service was supposed to come between hours 8:30-11am and never showed up. I wasted $200 at work cuz I had to take a day off. I got nothing done. Never trusting them again. I do not recommend this service ever!!!

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Spent a lot of money for this mattress. I had it less than a year and it is squeaking and lumpy. I did not realize the mattress could not be flipped over, I 've never heard of a one side mattress. When I asked for help, I was sent an email showing me how to flip the mattress and take pictures to send to the company. I am seventy years old, live alone, and I cannot flip this mattress. I'm stuck with an expensive, lumpy, squeaking mattress... Read more

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We've made two large purchases at the Dump Atlanta, and both experiences were very positive. We received everything on time and as expected. They were packaged well, the delivery guys were very nice and helpful. Our mattresses have held up for around 5 years. Only cost us $400. Our bedroom suit still looks great and a rug we bought still looks good. Only complaint was we went on a very busy day for the furniture purchase and there was a wait to... Read more

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  • Jul 09
  • #879472

Bought a sofa 3 months ago from the store located in Atlanta Ga. The sofa has a bad cushion and you sit lopsided on the sofa. Called the company and they said they would send someone out. No one ever came. I want to make it clear that you can't expect much from a place called The Dump. You get what you pay for.

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On 6/25/16, I purchased a matress, and headboard from the Dump, this complaint is not about the salesman,it is about the warehouse.I was adised that if I had my own truck, they would not load it on my truck.This of course was after I pd.for everything.I thought he meant they would not tie the stuff down,my mistake, they would not load it. I am a 67 yr.old woman, and I asked them how was I supposed to put them on my truck,I was advised they had a... Read more

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I purchased a mattress form the Dump and it was suppose to be available for pickup on 6/18 and when I went to get my mattress I was told they did not have it and they didn't know when it would come in, I went back to the store to get a refund because that's a breach of the contract I signed with them.whwn i went to customer service they tried to say I couldn't get a refund i asked to speak to a manager of course she was rude so I asked to speak... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • May 27
  • #855692

It does not matter how many sales people you speak to in the Oaks location, you will get a different answer from each. Beyond sketchy

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