Turnersville, New Jersey

We should have learned our lesson from a mattress we bought that developed a big hump in the middle...developed back problems! Nonetheless, we bought a leather sofa and the seat pillows sag! Can we bring a class action lawsuit?

I have learned my lesson...but I'm out thousands! I've even tried to turn over the seat cushions but it hasn't helped. We keep calling about the mattress...but no help! I also stupidly ( previously) purchased a bathroom vanity...now it's peeling.

My advice....avoid these stores like the plague. Don't be foolish like us and be out thousands of dollars with no recourse.

Monetary Loss: $3700.

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We purchased a leather couch from The Dump for $1000. Within a year one side sagged and the so called 'leather' started peeling off.

It is cheap pleather! Its a piece of crap.

Oswego, Illinois, United States #834600

I would love it if someone would start a class-action suit! I used to be a sales associate for this company and they are the worst I've ever seen.

The furniture is very low quality - it will not last and the customer is stuck with it. They will tell you everything comes with a one year manufacturers warranty but most of their furniture comes from companies going out of business so you most likely would have no recourse. Their warehouse and delivery are the worst in the industry - they will patch up broken furniture and send it rightback out to another customer. The customer service departmentfor all stores is in Virginia - it is impossible to get through and if you do they are extremely rude to customers and only look out for the company.

Two of their stores just shut down earlier this year. Please don't waste your money here!!!!

Houston, Texas, United States #732024

If you get a lawsuit going let me know! My daughter's "leather" sectional is peeling apart. LOL No Warranty...

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